Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt Review

Sixteen-year-old Holly wants to remember her Grandpa forever, but she’d rather forget what he left her in his will: his wedding chapel on the Las Vegas strip. Whatever happened to gold watches, savings bonds, or some normal inheritance?

And then there's Grandpa's letter. Not only is Holly running the business with her recently divorced parents, but she needs to make some serious money—fast. Grandpa also insists Holly reach out to Dax, the grandson of her family's mortal enemy and owner of the cheesy chapel next door. No matter how cute Dax is, Holly needs to stay focused: on her group of guy friends, her disjointed family, work, school and... Dax. No wait, not Dax.

Holly’s chapel represents everything she’s ever loved in her past. Dax might be everything she could ever love in the future. But as for right now, there's a wedding chapel to save.

Check it out on goodreads! 3 stars

I think Lindsey Leavitt is a great author and I've read several of her books before and really enjoyed them. This one let me down a bit though. Despite the cute cover and how much I liked her previous books. I felt this one was a little lacking.

What I liked: The romance started off cute, I think that the characters were done well. I liked Holly's brother, his character was very interesting. There was a Romeo and Juliet feel to Holly's relationship with Dax. The author takes you to some cool places in Vegas and I thought the descriptions of it were very good and made me want to go experience what the characters were experiencing. The idea of rival chapels was a very interesting one and I did like it. I thought that the relationship Holly talks about having with her grandfather was very sweet and lovely.

What I didn't like as much: The ending felt really off for me. Without giving too much away, it felt like everything Holly was working for fell through. And that's what her grandfather was trying to teach her, etc etc. And she seemed to just take it without much emotion or any response. I don't know. To me the message the author was trying to teach or have Holly learn was confusing and didn't have much of a point. I also found myself at a point where I didn't understand what Holly feeling and saying and where the romance got annoying too. When I finished the book I didn't feel like I enjoyed it that much or that I understood what the last third was about. The plot was alright in some spots but the ending really let me down.

Overall, I liked most of the characters and felt like they and the setting were done well. However when it came to the plot and the last third of the book I didn't really get it and I felt like it was a little all over the place. It could be I just didn't understand it, but I felt disappointed when I finished the book.


  1. Do you ever read anything but romance ( not that romance is bad ). But variety is good. Especially as of late, it seems you've been disappointed with most of it. You should read some classics, and books by George MacDonald, R. M. Ballantine, and Katherine Paterson.

    1. I consider myself to be a very diverse reader, I have several reviews that aren't contemporary romances, but I've pushed them back as I'm doing a contemporary YA challenge this year and there were about 5 books I hadn't yet reviewed. I don't mean to be singular in my reading habits or to seem like that ^-^ I haven't heard of those authors, I'll have to check them out, thank you for the suggestion!

    2. Oh, ok :-) I read some YA, but liked only some. Do check them out!!! They are sooooooo good :D


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