Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Slanted Worlds by Catherine Fisher Review

Part Dr. Who, part Blade Runner, and part A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this genre-busting fantasy from the author of Incarceron asks: If you had the chance to change the past, would you do it?

In book two of the critically acclaimed Obsidian Mirror series, New York Times bestselling author Catherine Fisher, called “the first lady of British fantasy” by the London Times, once again shows us that she is a master of world-building and surprising plot-twists. Jake, Sarah, and Oberon Venn continue their fight for control of the Obsidian Mirror, and whoever wins will either save a life, change the past, or rescue the future.
But the Mirror has plans of its own.

Check it out on Goodreads! 3 stars

I have read a few of Catherine Fisher's books before, including the first book in the Chronoptika series. I also find her books to be interesting. And I always like reading them. It can just take a while to get into them I think...

What I liked: I found Oberon Venn to be very interesting. It may partly be because I don't remember a whole lot of what was in the first book, but I wanted to figure him out. I thought his character was very complex. As was Sarah's, they both have clear missions that are very different and go against one another. Yet they're related and must get along for the time being. They're both desperate and grasping at straws and taking dangerous risks. And then there's Jake and his father...lost in time, time and time again. Which brings me to time traveling...the mirror is a device that let's the owner go back in time...if he has a bracelet to direct his path so he won't get lost in time and understands how to work the mirror. It's a bit confusing, but not as confusing as some time traveling books are. It was pretty well done I think, and there were some really cool spots where he's in the past and he meets someone and yea...there are some cool little time traveling tricks. To add to it, there are also the Shee which are like fey. They're after Venn and who knows what else...they're violent and inhuman. So there are lots of different aspects to this story and it comes together into a fantastical book of adventure and time traveling. And the ending was very very good. The last third was the best and I definitely think it is definitely worth waiting for. (if the first part was a little slow for you like it was for me)

What I didn't like as much: Even if I can start reading an have a chapter done in 5 minutes or less, it didn't mean that I was unable to put the book down. Fisher's writing flows well but it took me until maybe 150 pages in to really start getting into the story. The first part was good, it was just a mix of not remembering much of the first book and the plot not being quite fast enough. I also sometimes felt that things were a little stiff, it might have just been me though.

Overall, the characters are well done and interesting and once I got into the story it got extremely interesting and I didn't want to put the book down. It took a little while to get into the story but even then the writing flowed well and I think that goes to show that Catherine Fisher is a good author. I look forward to the next book :)

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