Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mini Reviews

The Last Battle by C.S. LewisThis was maybe the third time that I've read this book. It's of course a classic and a great book. But it does carry a slightly different vibe than the first 6 books. I think it rather fits though, it shows you how things have changed since the beginning of the series and ties everything up very nicely. It's also probably the book, along with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, that has the most ties to Christianity. It's an interesting story as always and one of the things that I like most is that it brings back most of the original characters towards the end, which is lovely.

Better Off Friends by Elizabeth EulbergFrom the cover I was expecting something a little different. So it was surprising to have an Asian lead female character ;) But still a enjoyable, lovely book. I liked the style and pace of the chapters. The writing was lighthearted and it drew me in easily. I also really liked how defensive Macallan got about her uncle, it was really sweet. As for romance, I thought it was a good relationship, it's always best to start off as friends and I think you could really how they created a strong bond. I got a bit annoyed with some of the twists though. But the ending was good. Previously I had only read one other book by this author and now I definitely want to read another :) 

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare: As I'm rereading this series I'm not only refreshing my memory but I'm enjoying these books as well. Cassandra Clare is a very talented author and I'm loving it. I've heard that the latest book (the one I'm trying to work up to) was possibly a bit too long, but for now I'm loving the size of her books. I love a large book, provided it keeps me interested and her books definitely do. I love the characters, Jace and Simon are so sarcastic, Clary being her lovely self, Luke being adorable...and so on and so on. The plot is exciting even if I do remember most of it, it's definitely nice to remember the details of what transpired. I've been thinking while I'm rereading these first couple, which one is my favorite of the four I've read? I'd choose this one. It has a happy ending and Clary and Jace both find out a lot about themselves. Clary develops her powers and Simon adjusts to his immortality (among other things)'s a lot of growth happening. 

Basically, it's a very good book, even rereading it I still really enjoy it a lot and finished it very quickly. The plot was pretty fast paced and even if there wasn't exactly a lot happening in terms of battles and stuff, the characters were still learning a lot in the time between battles and plot twists. And I love the characters :)

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare: I feel like this book, while still good and exciting, isn't quite as good as the first three. Maybe it's just because the cliffhanger ending is absolutely painful, but it seems a bit darker and not quite as exciting. The plot moves a bit slower than in the previous books, possibly because it's a bit of a new direction, a new enemy and a slow build up to revealing who it was. But I got a tiny bit bored here and there. There were some things that I did really like, how connected Jace and Simon get, there are some new characters added, and I felt like Simon's gotten more important and he notices it too. So the characters were great, and there were loads of parts I enjoyed but this book was a bit slower compared to the previous and the ending was pretty dark. Also not the kind of ending a reader likes to find, especially when they've gotten attached to characters, haha. 

Basically I had a few books that I had read but hadn't really written long reviews for, so here they are! :) 

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