Friday, November 13, 2015

The Joker: Death of the Family Review

After having his face sliced off one year ago, The Joker makes his horrifying return in this new epic that features Batman's entire network of partners in crimefighting, including Batgirl, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, the Teen Titans and more. While The Joker threatens the very existence of Gotham City, these heroes --and villains--must find a way to survive.

Collects Detective Comics #16-17, Catwoman #13-14, Batgirl #14-16, Red Hood and the Outlaws #15-16, Teen Titans #15, Nightwing #15-16, Batman and Robin #15-17, Batman #13 & #17. Also collects the portions of the following issues: Detective Comics #15, Suicide Squad #14-15, Batgirl #13, Red Hood and the Outlaws #13-14, Teen Titans #14, #16, Nightwing #14 and Batman #13-14.

4 stars

I think whether or not you will enjoy this graphic novel is dependent on how much gore you can handle. There are some gruesome panels and disturbing descriptions or comments. I'm not really sure how to review this, it's hard to put it up against the same questions I usually think about when reviewing a book. Was there character development? Certainly, you can't go through what Batman and his "family" went through and not be changed. Even Joker, surely learned something from the ordeal. Did I enjoy the comic? I did, but it wasn't so much of a love for the story. It was more of an interest, the sort of thing that you can't peel your eyes away from because it's a bit shocking. Did I like the characters? Obviously. This is a compilation of several stories from several different comic lines. So we have a story featuring Nightwing, one featuring Catwoman, one with Damien, one with Batgirl, and so on and so on. As a big Batman fan it was a big book full of "chapters" about different characters that have been born from his world that I love. So yes, I did like the characters. Was the plot well developed and complex? YES. There were times where I wasn't completely sure what Joker was working towards, to what exactly he hoped to accomplish. I still understood most of it, but he always seemed to have a trick up his sleeve. There was a good deal of mystery and suspense. Was it exciting? I found it very exciting. 
Overall, it's a dark, twisted story featuring many characters from the Batman comic line. It's definitely something that I enjoyed reading as a Batman fan but found a little disturbing at the same time. It's very interesting, never a dull moment, but also full of heinous plots that Joker has concocted to either mess with the heroes' heads or bring them pain. The fact that it has so many different characters changes things up, each "chapter" is a little different in terms of the approach to the story, the writing, and illustrations. And there are some great twists and, so long as you can stomach the violence, it's a great comic/graphic novel all around. 

Rating: MA, wouldn't recommend for younger readers.


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