Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's going on....

So I made a tumblr book blog (or booklr I guess, I'm still learning the lingo) and you can visit it here although tbh I haven't been very active. That is partly because I have another fandom tumblr that I use more often. Also because I've been interning at my library in the teen department and it's been a blast and kept me busy! But the other reason is that I read so little last year and I'm still trying to get back to the reader that I used to be. I used to be better at blogging and enjoy it more. I want to enjoy it again it's just hard I guess, because I'm not sure how to start back up. Should I switch solely over to tumblr? Try creating a book-themed instagram like a friend of mine has? I don't really know what's best or necessarily what's easiest but I don't think that it's this blog. I figure that I'll give it a month, uploading my reviews as I write them and see how things go. However the likelihood is that I might close this blog down sometime this year...

What's more, my laptop won't let me reply to comments which is so weird...

Anyway, I just wanted to fill anyone who does still read this blog that I'm going to try restarting it some, but I'm really not sure if I'll keep it running. Again, here is the link to my booklr and I may start doing like video reviews or monthly book haul videos on youtube. I also may start a bookstagram because my friend is doing really well on it and while I might not be able to gain the same success it also looks quite fun. If you have any suggestions for me or simply want me to check out your blog or tumblr or whatever, please feel free to urge me to do so. Any help or advise will be readily welcomed!!
I also wanted to geek out a bit about how fun my job is. It's a four month paid internship where I do any little jobs that need to be done and help out with programs. I get a name tag that makes me feel super official and some of the programs I get to help with are super cool! Like on the right where I'm doing a test shot for some long exposure camera magic. The librarians I work with are SO nice and lovely :) It's been such a blessing to be chosen for the internship and that they have it at all. It's a perfect fit for me. It's also really interesting to see how much planning goes into the program (I'm going to get to run my own in April!) and how far ahead things have to be planned and then done. 

 Anyway, it's been pretty awesome, I mean I even get my own shelf to showcase any books I want to with any theme I want! I've shelf-read shelves, the manga, taken labels off of books and put new ones on, shifted some books when they teen collection was weeded, and done so many other fun things. Which might not be that fun to other people, but it's pretty awesome to me! Anyway...the summary of this post is I'm doing a really awesome internship that I love and I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep this blog running. But I'm going to try and experiment with a few different methods because I want to keep putting up reviews and being a part of the book community, I'm just not sure in what way that will be yet. -Sara

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